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Disclaimer 15.05.10,


On this website are some photos made with my Digital SLR camera which I started to make since last year. Since the restrictions of the digital photography were now 'only' limited to the memory card size and the available disk space I made quite a few of them.

With this website I want to make people more aware of the nature which is everywhere just a step away. I must admit that before I started making photo's with the Digital SLR I also didn't see so much detail's either. For example the butterfly (Family: Sphingidae, Species: hemaris fuciformes, ...) seen on the background of this page. I thought I was taking photos of another butterfly (Species: Macroglossum stellatarum, ...) only at night, when I had a closer look at the photos, I found out I had taken photos of another species of this butterfly family. These pictures were taken in my own small garden (ca. 50 square meter's).

Most pictures seen on this website are only parts of the original photo's, reduced in size and resolution. No other (quality) adjustments have been made to these photos.

The website is online since the 20. of  June 2006.

My interests are:
  • Making photos of
    • Bird's of prey and owl's, most of them taken at falkneries
    • Nature, mostly of animals and insects
  •  Programming
    • OpenGL (3D graphics)
    • Games
  • Listening to as well as playing music myself (Classical as well as pop music)

That's all for now,



My e-mail adress is 'photographer$gmx.org' or 'webmaster$hermans-homepage.eu', please replace the '$' sign with the '@' sign
(Written on purpose this way to reduce spam mails).

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